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Magical Birthday Parties In Tucson

How To Create A Birthday Party Your Child Will Remember FOREVER!!!
Believe it or not, your child is almost another year old.
How will you celebrate the special day this year?
Make it exciting!
Have a party your child will never forget !
My name is George Franzen. I am a professional magician and I offer fun, interactive and entertaining programs for children. You may have seen me at some of the Elementary Schools or performing at some of Tucson's Summer Camp Programs in the area, a birthday party or a family event.
This year, I am presenting:
"The Perfect Birthday Party"

It is the ideal blend of comedy, magic, music and puppetry that gets all the children (& adults) screaming for more.
Every show is individually personalized !

The birthday child is the true "STAR" of the show!
The magic words are "Happy Birthday 'Childs Name" and the magic happens right in their hands. I can even make your child disappear!!!
But don't worry, I wont!

Then your child makes a live dove, appear. More excitement!!!
Everyone just goes crazy!!!

The entire show includes:
* Hilarious Audience Participation - Everyone is a part of the show!
The magic happens right in the children's hands.

* Amazing Magical Feats - Truly awesome magic has everyone wondering "how"?

* "Mark" The Talking Picture - I draw a face the eyes start to move, he starts to talk and then he sings a song. This is the mom and dad's favorite part of the show.

* The Super Trick!!! - Your child waves their hand and says the magic words and presto - Skippy, the live rabbit, appears!!! The ooohs & aaahs are almost deafening. They are so amazed and excited!!!
And everyone gets to meet and pet Skippy after the show.

But wait There's more
The birthday child also receives a Magician's Assistant Certificate with their name on it. All the children received from the magician a GIANT DOLLAR BILL that has five magic tricks on it that they can perform as soon as they get home.

"Wow!!! Now that's a great party!"

Yes it is! Magic, comedy, puppetry, prizes, music and comedy with audience participation! A personalized magic show for your child, friends and family at an affordable price.
* * *
Call today to reserve your date. I am lucky enough to perform over twenty shows a month and my calendar fills up quickly, especially weekends. Please take advantage of this advance notice and book now!

Call me today at (520) 751-2323 for an
Extraordinary Birthday Party!!!

Magically Yours,
P.S. If I were you, I wouldn't wait to give me a call.
I am very fortunate to have a very busy performing schedule.
Call now so you can get the dates and times that you want.
I'd hate for you to wait and be disappointed because your date is already taken!

P.P.S. Almost forgot . . . You will receive in the mail a 50 page book on "How To Have The Perfect Children's Party". Along with the book you will also receive 16 custom party invitations with magic tricks on them for your guests.(each invitation has a different art work and a different magic trick on it.

P.P.P.S. Your child will receive from the magician a special DVD. The DVD contains professional footage of kids performing a magic show at a friend's birthday party. And the best part is the children (which are actor/magicians) explain how all the tricks are done.
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"...one of the most charming, smooth and funny performers I know.
You and your guests will love his show!"

- Jeff McBride - Las Vegas headliner -
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George Franzen
Together we will create memories your child will remember FOREVER !

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