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Tucson's Own Close Up & Strolling Magician

Your guests will love George Franzen's Magic and Comedy. He's a professional entertainer who combines contemporary humor with amazing
close-up magic.

His magic is dynamic and fun and utilizes audience participation to its fullest. Your guests become part of the show. An appearance by George Franzen will both amaze and amuse your guests.

In addition to all the fun, his magic will set the mood and tempo of the event. A performance by George Franzen will help make your event truly memorable.

Close-Up Magic by George Franzen is the perfect entertainment to add to any special event. This style of unique entertainment is becoming increasingly popular in settings around the world.

Whenever going out for a meal or to a special occasion, close-up magic is always a delight to see. In the last decade, it has established itself as one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Guests are entertained in the company & comfort of their of their own group.
"He's a real funny guy... sure to be an audience pleaser!"
- Bernie Stevens Entertainment Co. -
Tucon Magic Specialist
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"...one of the most charming, smooth and funny performers I know.
You and your guests will love his show!"

- Jeff McBride - Las Vegas headliner -
Magic In Tucson